Na Jiang (Richard) Ph.D. 

Research Associate, Department of Geography

University at Buffalo


My name is Na Jiang and I am a Postdoctoral Research Associate in the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo. My colleagues and my advisor also call me Richard. My research interests relate to urban issues utilizing geographical information science (GIS) and agent-based modeling (ABM).  All works and publications related to my research are listed on the Publication subpage.  

I completed my Ph.D. Computational Social Science program at George Mason University. My dissertation is mainly focused on Urban Shrinkage entitled "Exploring Urban Shrinkage via Computational Approaches: A Case Study of the City of Detroit". The committee members of my dissertation are Dr. Hamdi Kavak (chair), Dr. Andrew Crooks, Dr. Robert Axtell, and Dr. Olga Gkountouna.

Before my Ph.D. study, I started at Eastern Michigan University where I was awarded a BSc in Computer Science and MSc in Geographical Information Science (GIS).  Yichun Xie was my advisor and guided me to the field of agent-based modeling. If you are willing to know more information about me, you may download my CV.

Hope this website can find more scholars who have similar research interests and encourage more scholars to utilize ABM in their fields.